Aware and Secure

Visual Design, Web

Freelance UI/UX Designer
Aware and secure is a platform of tools that helps teach employees how to be save online. I designed Aware and Secure's homepage, a lesson + quiz interface as well as various browser plugins. 
Client Recommendation
"Jess has helped me get my company off the ground by handling every single aspect of our startup's design, from our logo to the website to our products themselves. Jess is a true professional: In addition to always delivering premium quality work, she is a great listener, an excellent communicator, and she always seems to find a way to over-deliver on her projects. It was one of the few stress-free elements of launching my company to know that every time Jess went to work, she would deliver excellent results. 

I highly recommend Jess. She is a designer of the highest order."
- John Mullenholz, Founder of Aware and Secure

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