Case Cracker

Visual Design, Web

Freelance Visual Designer
CaseCracker is a video recording product for interrogation rooms. I worked with the marketing team to re-design their website. I evaluated their current site and came up with a new structure to streamline the way people interact and find content on the site. The goal was to have a clean, professional and easy to use site for its non-tech savvy users.
"We hired Jessica for a complete website redesign project. Her precise level of communication is very much appreciated. The entire design process was very transparent as she set realistic expectations along the way. Because of this, the quality of her designs were spot on. We met a few times, she asked a lot of great questions and quickly delivered designs that were so much better than I imagined. After implementing Jessica’s website designs, we quadrupled the leads coming into our website and have consistently held these results throughout the year. We are so happy with her work and look forward to all future projects with Jessica."
- Corinne Oertel, Marketing Manager at Cardinal Peak 

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