Yard Club Platform

Product Design, Web and Mobile

Lead Product Designer, Web and MobileĀ 
Yard Club is a platform that enables peer to peer rentals for heavy construction equipment. I worked as the Lead Product designer at Yard Club for 3 years, designing everything from a web and mobile rental platform to any marketing and branding materials. After a successful partnership with Caterpillar, Yard Club was acquired by them in 2017.
"Jess is by far one of the most talented designers I've ever worked with. Not only does she dive headlong into her work to produce high quality designs, she's also ridiculously organized and always ahead of schedule. Jess has a gift for developing alternative solutions to any design challenge or feature set and helping her customers / coworkers understand the pros and cons of each alternative to make the selection collaborative. She also has an incredibly clean and modern aesthetic that makes her products not just functional and intuitive, but beautiful and engaging too. Plus, she's just fun to have around. Can't recommend her highly enough!"
- Aaron Kline, General Manager, Caterpillar Digital Labs
"Jessica is an amazing designer and a perfect collaboration partner for product leaders. She is fast, thoughtful and thorough and has the ability to empathize with the end user and come up with great UI/UX solutions. Another strength of Jessica is the fact that she is also very strong at communicating with developers and working with them to make sure that any required assets are delivered well ahead of when they are needed."
- Samir Shah, VP Product, Caterpillar Digital LabsĀ 

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